We thank our collaborators,

Luis Osório our webmaster, and Eirini Monogiou our graphic designer, for the mirth and passion with which they worked and cooperated to create the Congress website, both for the internet and for the mobile web.

Special thanks to Eirini Monogiou for her voluntary offer to artistically edit the Congress website, together with the President of the Congress Sofia Petridou.

We thank the President Sofia Petridou for the planning, the organization and coordination of the production of this website, as well as her offer in the creative part of the poster and the banner of the Congress, which relied entirely on her own idea and photography.

Also, her beloved nephew John Moschos, who generously offered his help and knowledge on issues related to the presentation of the Congress on the web.

We would like to extend a heart-felt thanks to our esteemed colleague Vicky Dimitraki and our dear friend Adam Papaspyrou, for volunteering their creativity and know-how in putting together the excellent opening video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0um717g44c which welcomes you to Athens. The technical video processing was kindly offered to us by Studio cp wayfarer ADAM PAPASPYROU-KOSTAS PAPASPYROU

Warm thanks also to our colleagues who worked voluntarily for the translation of the Congress website’s texts in the four languages until now: Eleni Asimomyti, Sandrina Vais, Eleftheria Ledaki, Eri Basiouka, Efi Christodimou, Panagiota Kypraiou, Pavlo Giannaki and Christina Samara who worked on the translations in English, Fabio Carbonari, Francesca Zoppi, Jessica Mercurelli, Katerina Fancello-Bantalouka and Sandra Franzia who worked on the translations in Italian, Chrysoula Argyropoulou, Bernhard Villiger, Elizabeth Marshall, Katerina Pandi, Zoe Schillat-Paradomenaki, Kathrin Stauffer and Linda de Vos who worked on the translations in German.

Finaly, we thank the Secretary of the Congress Maria Chatzidaki who coordinated their work, edited the above-mentioned texts and contributed significantly to their posting on this website.