Welcome and Call for papers

Dear colleagues,

our next EABP congress will be held in Berlin at the Free University from 6-9 September 2018. At this congress we want to address the challenges of post modern society. Philosopher Byung-Chul Han and others are speaking from a “fatigue and burn-out  society” which is characterized by a decrease in eros and relatedness. Alienation is growing in capitalist work life as well as alienation from the self and the body. In his Vegetotherapy Wilhelm Reich already stressed vegetative vitality, the feeling of flow in the body, the contact to the core of one’s personality and the power to love as core aspects of somatic and psychological health.

In body psychotherapy traditional theory of neuroses and character theories need  to engage with the changes in the zeitgeist. Increasingly we have to be dealing with disorders like: „burn-out“, diffuse anxieties and most of all structural disorders, like developmental deficits stemming from early childhood, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders. Our field needs to address these changes with corresponding concepts. The new challenges require a body-psychotherapeutic practice capable of finding the balance between holding, containing and emotional expressive work.

Please send your proposal – 100 words max. – for a seminar (mostly theory) or a workshop (theory and practice) until 31 January 2018 to Manfred Thielen, ma.thielen@gmx.de. The congress-committee will then decide about your proposal and give you notice.

Best Wishes

Manfred Thielen for the congress-committee: Bettina Schroeter, Gustl Marlock, Marc Rackelmann und Ulrich Sollmann.