We Body Psychotherapists see a person as a complex whole of experiencing, thinking and expressing him- or herself. That is why we aim to experience the self not only as a concept, but also very concretely as a bodily experience, whose first language is the language of sensations and movement. This provides us with an access to areas that normally lie outside of conscious experience, like early childhood or traumatic events. By engaging the Body we gain the benefit of a large toolkit for resourcing ourselves and our clients.

Dis-embodiment can serve well in times of traumatic events. It helps people to overcome unbearable pain and injury. Nevertheless, it is a survival strategy, and after the event is over, we need to find the way back to ordinary living. In this process re-engagement with the body is essential. And that is part of what Body Psychotherapists aim for in their clinical practice: the Embodiment of the felt Self.

We members of EABP are looking forward to refining our expertise and exchanging amongst ourselves new discoveries within our clinical ways of working. We are also very much hoping to exchange with colleagues of related academic and clinical fields.

Body Psychotherapists have great expertise on the clinical implications of the body-mind unity, just as our colleagues in other fields have their own expertise in other important issues. Together we can move to a  higher level of complexity that will allow us to support our clients or patients in anchoring their felt Selves in a secure experience of their Bodies. This may influence society and support it to overcome the dis-embodiment created by Cartesian thinking as well as by the effects of trauma and poverty.

The Congress will offer a variety of keynote presentations, round table talks, practical workshops and discussion. In between you will be able to meet socially at drinks parties, a gala evening and lunches.

Share knowledge and joy!

Come to our Congress in Athens October 13 – 16th, 2016. Or extend the experience with the post congress workshop in Sounio on Monday October 17th, 2016.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Lidy Evertsen

President EABP