From the airport to TITANIA hotel



Hello to everyone!

There are two ways for arriving at Titania hotel from the airport.

The first and the simplest way is to hire a taxi. This option will cost you 38 Euros (hours 05.00-24.00), 54 Euros (hours 00.00 -05.00).

But if three of you (or even four if you can all fit your luggage in the boot) manage to get a taxi, you can share the cost and it would be really worth it!

The other way is by metro. The ticket costs 8 euros. The blue metro line which starts from the airport has two itineraries: The one which stops at “Doukisis Plakentias” station * and the other one which runs the entire “blue” line till the terminal “Aegaleo”station (see map). Try to choose the one which goes to “Aegaleo”. Once you take that line and direction (Aegaleo) you will disembark at “Monastiraki” station. At “Monastiraki” station you will change to the “green” with direction to “Kifisia”. Just one stop after, you disembark at Omonoia square central station. Titania hotel (Panepistimiou str.) is at a five minutes walk distance from the metro station. Panepistimiou street starts directly from Omonoia square (Please follow the map).

[* If you take the blue metro line which has a final destination “Doukissis Plakentias” then you disembark and from there you take another train to “Aegaleo” direction.]

Here is the Google map of Athens, with the areas of Omonoia square and Titania hotel.

We wish you a pleasant stay and easy transportation in Athens!