Description of Keynote Speeches and Round Tables

  • Auditorium – Presentation 1: Opening speech on “Embodiment and its association with Body Psychotherapy”
    by Ilse Schmidt Zimmermann and Frank RöhrichtRead more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 2: “The Embodied Self in Philosophy and Life”
    by Shaun Gallagher and Christine CaldwellRead more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 3: “The Psychopathology of Disembodiment and Reconnection through Enactment”
    by Genovino Ferri and Maxine Sheets JohnstoneRead more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 4: Round Table: “Trauma, Embodiment and Self Regulation”
    by Domna Ventouratou, Herbert Grassmann, Lily Anagnostolpoulou, Marianne Bentzen and Zoe Schillat
    Moderator: Zoe Schillat
    Read more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 5: Round Table: “Embodiment in Sexuality”
    by Antigone Orfanou, Enver Cesko, Therapeia Stamou-Mazaraki and Notburga Fischer
    Moderator: Therapeia Stamou-Mazaraki
    Read more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 6: Round Table: “The role of Embodiment in Prevention and Educational Sciences”
    by Fabio Carbonari, Marios Pourkos, Michael Callifronas and Susana Abigador
    Moderators: Eleni Stavroulaki and Panagiota Kypraiou
    Read more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 7: Round Table: “The Female Body in Society and Psychotherapy”
    by Bettina Schroeter, Christina Angelini, Eirini Avramopoulou, Kathrin Stauffer and Rae Johnson
    Moderator: Bettina Schroeter
    Read more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 8: Round Table: “The concept of Energy in the process of Embodiment: An interdisciplinary approach”
    by Antigone Oreopoulou, François Lewin, Kostas Tsitinidis and Panagiotis Stambolis
    Moderator: Panagiotis Stambolis
    Read more…
  • Auditorium – Presentation 9: Round Table: “The common ground in Body Psychotherapy”
    by Eleni Stavroulaki, Judyth O. Weaver, Luisa Barbato, Michael Heller and Ulfried Geuter
    Moderator: Sheila Butler
    Read more…