In addition, I feel very proud for exploiting in the best possible manner the chance provided by the present Congress in order to create networks of communication and opinion exchange regarding the content of the Congress and Body Psychotherapy in general with colleagues from different sectors.

We have extended the invitation for participation to the aforementioned networks towards colleagues from different directions of Body Psychotherapy as well as from various relevant sectors in Greece. We’ve had a significant response from EABP colleagues as well as from Greek Academics, who have found the topic of the Congress particularly interesting.

Closing this enthusiastic presentation, I would like to invite each and every one of you to become part of this great assembly during which body and attachment will be the main protagonists.”

Panagiotis Stambolis

He holds a degree in Mathematics, and is a Gestalt and Body Psychotherapist trained in Reichian Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy (C.A.V), Bodynamic Analysis and Trauma/PTSD therapy, in Hellinger’s Systemic Constellations and in Bonding work.
He is also a Trainer and Supervisor at the Athens C.A.V Psychotherapy School, and was a member of the EABP Board.
Chair of the Congress and the Congress Content Scientific Committee

“In this congress we aspire to foster the re-establishment of Body-Psychotherapy to the dimension that it is worthy of and that is offering vision and profundity to it: closer to people, to society, and to its original political dimension, closer to the contemporary philosophical and interdisciplinary thought. Also, to bring us closer as therapists who in our work hold the body, its awareness and its expressive movement at the center.”