Body Psychotherapy and Challenges of Today

Alienation – Vitality – Flow

6-9th September 2018 – Berlin – Germany


Bodypsychotherapy and challenges of today. Alienation- Vitality- Flow.
Our next EABP congress will be held in Berlin at the Free University from September six to nine 2018. At this congress we want to face the challenges of post modern society. Philosopher Byung-Chul Han and
others speak of a burn-out and fatigue society which sees a decrease of eros and relatedness. Alienation grows in capitalist work life, and also alienation from the self and the body. Wilhelm Reich, in his vegetotherapy already stressed vegetative vitality, the feeling of flow in the body, the contact to the core of one’s personality, the power to love.
In body psychotherapy, traditional theory of neuroses and character theories have to confront the changes of the zeitgeist and to more and more dispute structural disorders, developmental deficits stemming from early childhood, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders and to develop corresponding concepts. The new challenges require a body psychotherapeutic practice finding the balance of holding and emotional expressive work.
I welcome you to come to Berlin and take part at this certainly fascinating congress.

Manfred Thielen
(chair of the 16 th European Congress of Body Psychotherapy in Berlin)