Programme, DAY 4

Sunday, 10th of September 2023

08:45-09:15h Alex Vachev, Denitsa Ilcheva – Warming up

main entry

  • Dance Therapy


General Assembly EABP – Part II



Main building – rooms: 25, 40, 63, 242, 277, 191

12:00-13:30h Lunch Break

13:30-14:20h Milena Georgieva – Keynote

room 272

  • The hidden pandemics of modern times

14:30-15:20h Mariana Todorova, Madlen Algafari – Keynote

room 272

  • The (New) Human Identity in the Context of Digitalization, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the New Geopolitical Reality

15:20-15:50h Coffee Break

15:50-17:20h VI Panel – The future is now – BP in transformation

Conference Room

  • Kathrin Stauffer, Luisa Barbato, Rae Johnson, Adam Bambury, Lidy Evertsen, Alexandra Algafari

17:30-18:30h Closing

room 272

18:30 Traveling, Free time