Welcome to the
18th International Congress of EABP, Sofia 2023

September 7-10

Identity in Transformative Times

Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction

The most constant thing is change. From one second to the next, we are different. Cells in our body are dying all the time while new ones are being born. Our wise physical self transforms constantly and knows what to do to adapt. But what about the Soul? Our soul is, at times, “late” and at others, too fast. And when our soul and body “arrive” at different times, what follows are the symptoms. 

We live our lives at an increasingly faster pace. The answer to the major existential question we ask ourselves, “Who am I?”, changes round the clock. The avalanche of changes around us is, at times, overwhelming, and also, can present new challenges. New technologies, pandemics, virtual reality, globalization, multiculturalism, wars, crisis, innovation, new connections, spiritual revolution…

We can ask some important questions: Are we successful in keeping up with the times? How do we change? Are we able to change? What does it mean to be a human nowadays? A manufacturer of garbage and noise or a Keeper of life. Are we becoming better or worse? Are we moving to more health and truth or towards illness and neurosis? Where are headed? What happens to our identity? How do we, in present day, experience its construction, deconstruction and reconstruction? Who were we and who are we going to be? And how can we best help the people we work with so we can continue to not only exist but also be.

Be healthier, better connected, wiser… And above all, be more humane.