Sunday, 12th of September 2021

10:30-12:00h General Assembly EABP – Part II

12:00-12:30h Break

12:30-13:15h General Assembly EABP – Part II (continued)

  • Workshop “Neuroception – Detection Without Awareness”

With H. Grassmann and M. Stupiggia (11.30-13:00h)

13:15-14:30h Lunch

  • Breakout rooms available to meet friends and/or share meals online
Congress – Part 3

14:30-16:00h Special Ceremony

16:00-16:30h Break

16:30-18:00h Final Keynote Event

  • A Special Questions and Responses Session with Dr Stephen W. Porges and in discussion with Genovino Ferri
  • Introduction and Conclusion by Maurizio Stuppigia

18:00-19:00h Acknowledgements and Closing Session

19:00 Close