Society in Corona Crisis Modus Symposium

What does it mean for Body Psychotherapy?

The SARS-Cov 2 virus and the measures implemented by governments all over the world have had a thorough impact on the life conditions of almost all humanity.  And on the working conditions of psychotherapists specifically. Basic techniques such as working freely with proximity and distance, as well as therapeutic touch are put into question. In this symposium we offer an event to discuss different views on the socio-political context and share our professional experiences of the last year and a half. There will be short presentations, small and large group facilitated discussions during the symposium.

Ulrich Sollmann, is a Body Psychotherapist (since 1980), Bioenergetic Analysis and Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Guest Professor at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Thomas Riepenhausen is a Body Psychotherapist in the Biodynamic tradition since 1990, living in Portugal.

He is a former Treasurer of EABP and sits on the Ethics Committee