Friday, 10th of September 2021

10:00-11:00h Arrivals and connecting

  • Breakout rooms available
  • IMC Meeting with new Members (10.00-10.50h)

11:00-13:15h General Assembly EABP – part I

13:15-14:30h Lunch

  • Breakout rooms available to meet friends and/or share meals online
Congress – Part 1

14:30-14:50h 17th EABP International Congress

  • Opening Session

14:50-16:30h Opening Keynote Event

  • Marianne Bentzen – Presenting
  • Followed by Discussion panel – Lidy Evertsen & Carmen Joanne Ablack

16:30-17:00h Break

17:00-18:15h Question and Answer Session

  • Followed by Breakout Room Discussions (rooms by language)

18:15-18:45h Break

18:45-20:00h Dr Judyth Weaver

  • Whole Conference Experiential Workshop

20:00 Close for the day