Thursday, 9th of september 2021

09:30-15:30h Congress registration

11:45-12:00h Registration General Assembly – part I

12:00-15:00h General Assembly EABP – part I

12:30- 15:00h AIPC Panel – Genovino Ferri , Maurizio Stupiggia, Fabio Carbonari, Giuseppe Carzedda, Francesco Dragotto, Nitamo Montecucco, Patrizia Moselli, Calogero Taormina e Laura Caetani

16:00-17:00h Congress Opening

Institutional Authorities
Matteo Lepore, Assessore Cultura, Comune di Bologna;
Gabriele Raimondi, Presidente Ordine Psicologi, ER

Maurizio Stupiggia, Chair of the Congress
Genovino Ferri, AIPC President
Carmen Joanne Ablack, EABP President

SESSION I –Sense and Sensation
Chair – Frank Rohricht

17:00-18:00 Bodily Selves: Intersubjectivity and Neuroscience
Vittorio Gallese
The discovery of mirror mechanisms for action, emotions and sensations led to the proposal of an embodied approach to intersubjectivity—embodied simulation (ES) theory. ES and the related notion of neural reuse provide a new empirically based perspective on intersubjectivity, viewed first and foremost as intercorporeality. ES challenges the notion that folk psychology is the sole account of interpersonal understanding. 

18:0o-19:00 Coming to our senses – the music of our bodies
Marianne Bentzen
We learn to sense our bodies and develop a coherent sense of self through the responses of our primary caregivers. The primary vessels of learning to sense are touch, synchronization, eye contact and imitation – feelings, and much later, words develop on this foundation. In this presentation, Marianne will give an overview of the interpersonal and brain-body interactions that develop our capacity for body sensations and their integration in our sense of self. She will illustrate the theory with small exercises and case descriptions. 

19:00-20:00 Conclusion first day

20:00-22:00 Welcome Cocktail