Title: NeuroceptionDetection Without Awareness

Presenters: Herbert Grassmann and Maurizio Stupiggia


The polyvagal theory emphasizes that our nervous system has more than one defense strategy. When we feel safe enough, registered by neuroception comparing internal and external signals and cues telling us that everything seems okay. Our physiology is able to work in easy-going coordination that provides a sense of well-being. In this workshop we will demonstrate strategies and techniques for a new understanding of a therapeutic relationship, focused on an interoceptive Moment with your Neurobiological Self. 

Language: English; Italian

Maximum group size: 24


Dr. Herbert Grassmann is a highly experienced clinician with a speciality in body psychotherapy. As a trauma specialist, he has presented trainings on the treatment of trauma in Europe, the US and South America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico), especially focusing on the phenomena of domestic violence and chronic pain. Professor of Psychosocial Studies and Bodymind Healing; Fellow, Parkmore Institute and Associate Professor at the Matepe University in Istanbul for MA in Clinical Psychology with Body Psychotherapy Certificate. At the TSRC Advisory Board Traumatic Stress Research Consortium with Stephen W. Porges of the Kinsey Institute Indiana University, he is currently participating on a study of body psychotherapy practitioners, their personal histories, current stressors, and health.

Prof. MAURIZIO STUPIGGIA works as a trainer in some European countries, in Japan and Latin America.Professor of General Psychology at the University of Genoa (Faculty of Medicine).   Founder, with Jerome Liss, of International School of Biosystemic.Beside many articles, he wrote two books, which were translated in other languages, “La terapia biosistemica” and “Il corpo violato”.   In collaboration with other authors he published “Il benessere nelle emozioni” (2009), and “Biosistemica, la scienza che unisce” (2015).

Pre-Congress Workshop