Auditorium – Presentation 6 14 October (16:30 – 18:00)

Round Table: “The role of Embodiment in Prevention and Educational Sciences”
by Fabio Carbonari, Marios Pourkos, Michael Callifronas and Susana Abigador
Moderators: Eleni Stavroulaki and Panagiota Kypraiou

To prevent the Dis-Embodiment working with the Primal Bioenergetic Field: A proposal for this dis-embodied society

Nowadays, is good enough embodiment possible? When does dis-embodiment start? My hypothesis is that an excessive medicalisation of the pregnancy and the perinatals traumas can facilitate an early dis-embodiment process. According with the last research of Wilhelm Reich and Eva Reich’s Gentle Bioenergetic theory and practice, we can work with the Primal Bioenergetic Field to prevent the dis-embodiment with simple and effective instruments.

Fabio Carbonari
Psychologist, Reichian Body Psychotherapist. Director and co-founder of Istituto Reich for Primary Prevention and Body Psychotherapy. AIPC board and scientific committee member; EABP-NA Council Italian Representative. Specializations: Psychosomatic Medicine: Riza Instute–Milano (It); Reichian Body Psychothery–Caracterial Analytic Vegetotherapy: SEOr-Rome (IT); Emotional First Aid: ZEPP–Bremen–(D); Gentle Bioenergetic: Centro Studi Eva Reich– Rome (It); Brief Body Psychotherapy (PBC): Ester and Istituto Reich–Rome (It). His fields of research and work include: Body Psychotherapy, prevention and health, baby and parents’ body–psychotherapy, prenatal life.

The role of the body and lived experience in the processes of prevention, learning and development: The eco-bodily-experiential perspective and the Experiential, Heuristic and Narrative-Dialogic Psychopedagogy

In this presentation we present the basic assumption of an alternative, holistic and interactive, embodied, experiential, situated, dialogic and multimodal perspective, called eco-bodily-experiential. Based on this perspective we present the basic principles of Experiential, Heuristic and Narrative-Dialogic Psychopedagogy and its meaning for processes of prevention, learning and development. This approach concerns an alternative proposal to education against the cognitivistically and mechanistically oriented assumptions and practices of abstract objectivism and of the linear, monologic/logocentric and monotropic rationality that tends towards homogenization and standardization, impoverishing in this way the pluralistic, multivocal and creative culture of education.

Marios A. Pourkos, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Preschool Education, University of Crete, Greece. He studied Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Science of Religion at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. He is interested in the development and application of ecological/systemic, social-historical-cultural, dialogic, embodied and multimodal-experiential perspectives on human development, learning and education. These interests are framed by a desire to develop alternative psychopedagogical contexts and practices (called Experiential, Heuristic and Narrative-Dialogic Psychopedagogy) via the use of a wide range of creative multimodal practices (including bodily-play-narrative-arts-based qualitative research methodologies/methods) within a participatory framework.

Parental skills and embodiment in childhood

Affect regulation in humans starts from gestation and parents have an important emotional contribution. Numerous papers show that there is a very close relationship between the mental health of parents and the health of children, since parental stress has direct negative influence to the child’s mind and body.
In our presentation we are going to discuss the importance of parental skills education in order to provide the conditions for accurate symbolisation and embodiment of experience in childhood.

Michael Callifronas MD, ECP, AEU(Paris), DCTP
Physician, Psychotherapist
President of the Hellenic Institute for Psychotherapy.
Founding President of the Hellenic Association for Person Centred and Experiential Approach.
Member: Medical Board of Athens, Hellenic Endocrine Society, National Association for Psychotherapy in Greece, Institute for Biology and Medicine of Stress.
Reviewer: Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy, Journal of Pediatric Neurology and Medicine, etc.

Prevention starts when the body talks

Our body can tell us a lot about the deepest parts of our soul as long as we are able to listen.
When we inhabit our body consciously, starting from the skin reaching the inside, we awake our senses. This journey unveils helpful information related to our life facilitating the growth of our personal energy along with a harmonious balance between our inner world (thinking and feeling) and the external one (relationships, expressing ourselves).
This is the way we develop self-awareness and build self-confidence.

Susana Abigador, representative of “Expresion Corporal” (Physical Expression) since 1987 in Greece, creator of the system “Danza Vital”, Experiential Methodology consultant, author of the book When the body speaks (Editions Gialos, 2011).
Memorable collaborations with the Art Theatre Karolos Koun in choreography tragedy “Iphigenia in Aulis” at Epidaurus, “Bacchae” at Herodium, a speaker at TEDx Lesvos, and TEDxKids@Ilissos
Highest honor is the richness offered by the teaching as an essential contact with people. Their participation in the courses is the most important source of inspiration for everyone who has something to teach.


Eleni Stavroulaki is a doctor (anaesthesiologist), graduate of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, and a research fellow at the Reich Centre of Athens since 1989. She is a private practitioner of Body Psychotherapy since 1994. She teaches Psychosomatic Medicine and Neurophysiology for Psychotherapists at the Reich Centre of Athens. She is a member of EABP and NOPG (National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece) and an ECP holder. She is a member of the Scientific Content Congress Committee.

Panagiota Kypraiou
Body & Gestalt Psychotherapist, Parent Education Coordinator, Body Psychotherapy Supervisor. Bsc (Hons) Psychology, trained in Reichian Body Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, trauma therapy (EMDR, Brainspotting, Resource Brainspotting), family therapy, play therapy, drama therapy. ECP holder, full member of BPS and EABP. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Greek Association for Body Psychotherapy (PESOPS) and of the Scientific Content Congress Committee of the 15th EABP Congress in Athens.